First day back on the bike

Dieppe to St Valery en Caux Wobbling off the ferry in the dark on my heavy bike, I realised just how long it has been since I did this last. I am already regretting my decision to bring so many clothes - my bike feels bigger and heavier than I ever remember it feeling when … Continue reading First day back on the bike

The Difficulties of Leaving

As the end of July approached and travel restrictions across Europe were being lifted, it was becoming increasingly clear that Milton and I would have to start thinking about moving again. I in particular found this especially difficult; what with the pandemic I have spent 9 solid months in my home village. Without exception, this … Continue reading The Difficulties of Leaving


Today I had a real reminder that I have not been Present. I forgot to clock in at work. So was I really there? My body was there but there is no proof, no paper trail, that I was present. In forgetting to clock in, my mind was on so many Other things. I certainly … Continue reading Absence

Trialling a permaculture veggie plot

While volunteering at an organic homestead in Chile, I learnt that edible gardens do not have to consist of the straight lines most people think of when considering a vegetable garden. It is in fact an invitation to be creative, artistic, and create something uniquely You. Volunteering with Workaway in Chile This was a revelation … Continue reading Trialling a permaculture veggie plot

The importance of growing your own food

One of the many lessons we have learnt during this pandemic is how fragile our systems really are. We all rely on one another more than we know and appreciate - and it’s quite a scary realisation when it hits home.What happens if these systems break down (as they partially have done during this pandemic)? … Continue reading The importance of growing your own food

Learning to live with Uncertainty

The world has been plunged into uncertainty over the last couple of months, and everyone is working out their own coping mechanisms, each as diverse and unique as we ourselves are. In that time I have made a marvellous discovery for myself.My adult life has been spent packing some sort of bag or suitcase at … Continue reading Learning to live with Uncertainty

Corsica – walking from the Mountains to the Mediterranean

From the moment we arrived in Corsica we were struck by the sense that we could no longer be in France. The town of Bastia has a truly Mediterranean feel, sun flooding its sandstone yellow streets and boats bobbing on bright blue water in the marina. We spent a couple of hours meandering around the … Continue reading Corsica – walking from the Mountains to the Mediterranean